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Best Asphalt Roof Shingles In 2024: Impact Rated, Wind Tested & More

Posted on April 3, 2024

Best Asphalt Roof Shingles In 2024: Impact Rated, Wind Tested & More

As a homeowner, choosing the best asphalt roof shingles for your roof is one of the most important and long-lasting decisions you’ll make. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the different brands, styles, and technologies. That’s why, for 2024, we have found the best asphalt shingle products that outperform the rest.

In this guide, I’ll be reviewing the top shingle lines from renowned manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, Atlas, and more. So, let’s jump right in. 

Best Overall: Timberline HDZ® by GAF

Timberline HDZ® by GAF

The Timberline HDZ is an exceptional asphalt roof shingle from GAF, one of the largest and most respected shingle roofing manufacturers in North America. GAF touts this as the top selling shingle series in the U.S., delivering outstanding performance and stunning looks.

This premium roofing shingle utilizes GAF’s patented LayerLock™ technology and has a reinforced StrikeZone™ nailing area that ensures proper and sturdy installation. The asphalt shingles are joined with the Dura Grip™ adhesive, which seals them down to prevent blow-offs from the high winds and wind-driven rain common in Mississippi. 

One of the strongest points of this shingle, and a reason why the company is an industry leader, is its warranties. This roof shingle comes with a 15-year WindProven™ limited wind warranty and a 25-year StainGuard Plus™ algae protection warranty that covers unsightly black streaks from algae growth. You can get even better warranty choices if you hire a GAF certified contractor. 

Another feature that sets the Timberline HDZ shingles apart from the rest are the patented High Definition® shadow bands that create visual depth on the roof. You can choose from more than 20 shingle colors including popular shades like Weathered Wood, Charcoal, and Barkwood. Some options even beautifully replicate the natural look of hand-split wood shakes. 

Best Impact Rated Shingles: TruDefinition® Duration FLEX® by Owens Corning

TruDefinition® Duration FLEX® by Owens Corning

TruDefinition Duration FLEX asphalt shingles from Owens Corning offer exceptional durability and weather resistance, combined with distinctly beautiful color options that are some of the best on the market. 

These shingles are manufactured with a proprietary blend of SBS polymer-modified asphalt and are made with a unique triple-layer, reinforced construction. These architectural shingles provide tremendous thickness and dimension, and are UL 2218 Class 4 rated for impact resistance. 

The specialized SureNail® strip provides exceptional wind resistance by securely locking down the nails during installation. This patented feature maximizes correct placement, leading to faster installation times.

Owens Corning backs these premium shingles with one of their best warranties – a limited lifetime warranty. These roofing shingles have wind resistance up to 130 mph and come with a 25-year StreakGuard® Algae Resistance warranty.

Now, coming to their best feature. Owens Corning uses a special TruDefinition® Color Platform. This makes sure that the shingles retain their vibrant colors throughout their lifespan. Some of the most stunning color options include Sand Dune, Onyx Black, Driftwood, and Estate Gray. 

Best Algae Resistant Shingles: Pinnacle® Pristine by Atlas

Pinnacle® Pristine by Atlas

Next, we will talk about Atlas’s premier offering, the Pinnacle Pristine shingles. The innovative HP42® technology gives these dimensional shingles a wider format and optimized construction for a more enhanced profile and elevated curb appeal. The engineered Sweet Spot™ nailing area and double FASTAC® sealant lines ensure each shingle lays flat and is well attached to the roof. 

When it comes to superior algae resistance and protection for your roof, the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles truly outshine the competition. These architectural shingles utilize advanced technologies to keep your roof looking beautiful for years. Featuring 3M Scotchgard™ Protector, an exclusive additive applied during manufacturing, these shingles provide unbeatable resistance against unsightly black streaks and stains caused by algae growth. 

Apart from this, you also get Class 3 impact resistance and a robust lifetime limited warranty for superior peace of mind. This shingle is available in more than 10 colors, offering a wide variety of rich, inspiring blends.

Best For Wind Resistance: Titan XT® by Tamko

Titan XT® by Tamko

When it comes to superior wind resistance, the Tamko Titan XT laminated asphalt shingles truly outperform the competition through innovative engineering. They feature Tamko’s largest defined nailing zone that is designed specifically for roofing professionals. 

Beneath the surface, the Titan XT uses a patented AnchorLock™ layer technology – a reinforcing strip of fabric embedded into the weathering asphalt layer. This acts like an anchoring system, locking the shingle tightly to the roof deck to prevent blow-offs. Tamko also uses an Advanced Fusion™ sealant to bond the shingle firmly to the roof surface. The UltraMAX Weathering™ layer also enhances overall durability. 

This powerful combination allows Tamko to back this shingle with their WindGUARD™ warranty – a high wind warranty covering wind speeds up to 160 mph. This is achievable when the shingles are installed with just four nails and using Tamko’s specified starter shingles. 

Most Innovative Shingles: Legacy® Scotchgard™ by Malarkey

Legacy® Scotchgard™ by Malarkey

When it comes to outstanding performance in any weather and durability, the Malarkey Legacy Scotchgard shingles are one of the best asphalt roof shingles on the market. 

At their core, the Legacy shingles utilize Malarkey’s proprietary NEX® rubberized asphalt. This advanced blend incorporates recycled rubber and plastic polymers, making the shingles incredibly pliable yet resistant to cracking and weathering from thermal fluctuations. 

With a Class 4 impact rating, these asphalt roof shingles can withstand hailstones without sustaining damage. They also meet IBHS’s stringent FORTIFIED™ Roof requirements for high wind protection. The sustainable design also incorporates upcycled materials and smog-reducing granules.

Malarkey provides robust warranties, including limited lifetime coverage on materials and algae resistance, and 130 mph wind resistance. Through advanced rubberized asphalt, extreme weather fortification, eco-friendly components, and superior warranties, the Legacy Scotchgard shingle is a top architectural shingle option.

Best Bang For Your Buck: Royal Sovereign® by GAF

Royal Sovereign® by GAF

If you are on a strict roofing budget, our next shingle might be the perfect option. GAF Royal Sovereign shingles are a top asphalt roofing option when it comes to budget-buys. 

At an affordable price, they offer more than reasonable performance and aesthetic appeal. While they may not incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies, these shingles still deliver solid value.

Made with GAF’s advanced color sequencing technology, Royal Sovereign shingles feature rich, vivid color blends that create a cohesive design. The specialized Color Lock™ ceramic firing process helps maximize color retention over time. Plus, GAF’s proprietary StainGuard protection is built into the shingles to prevent unsightly blue-green algae stains. 

These standard 3-tab shingles have a respectable 60 mph wind warranty with the proper installation. However they are tested to withstand 110 mph winds, too. 

If you’re looking for premium styles, enhanced impact protection and resistance, more advanced architectural shingles may be worth the investment.

Trust Us To Install The Best Asphalt Roof Shingles 

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