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5 Things Your Contractor Can’t Miss During A Commercial Roof Inspection 

Posted on January 17, 2024

5 Things Your Contractor Can’t Miss During A Commercial Roof Inspection 

When it comes to the overall well-being of your commercial roof, a proper roof inspection is the key. The first step to ensure a thorough roof inspection is to hire a professional contractor, however, you’ll want to ensure that your contractor is experienced enough to provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection. 

In this article, we’ll delve into five of the essential parts of your roofing system that you want to ensure your roofing contractor checks out during a commercial roof inspection. With this knowledge, you’ll know what happens during a commercial roof inspection, and be able to ensure that the condition of your roof and building is adequately addressed and that damage is spotted on time. 

Commercial Flat Roof Repair
Commercial Flat Roof Repair

#1 Condition Of The Roofing Material

Your roof is meant to be a sturdy structure that stands tall against the forces of nature. It shields your business from rain, sun, and wind. Since the roofing material is the roof’s first line of defense, the contractor will look at it first. 

To guarantee its longevity and durability, the contractors should properly inspect the roofing material before moving ahead. This includes the following: 


Punctures are a common occurrence when it comes to flat roofs, especially those with single-ply roofing membranes. Punctures are potential weak points that could compromise the roof’s waterproofing. During the inspection, the roofing contractor will vigilantly seek out any signs of these openings to ensure your commercial space remains dry and secure. 

Cracks And Tears, 

Despite their seemingly small nature, cracks should receive the utmost attention during an inspection. These minor imperfections, if left unchecked, can invite water into the building, gradually undermining the effectiveness of your roof. By looking closely at every inch of the roofing system, roofing contractors ensure that your roof continues to serve as a reliable barrier against the elements.

Standing Water 

This is another issue that roofers will look for in an inspection. Commercial roofs tend to be flat, and during rain, puddles form on the surface without the proper drainage systems in place. When this water sits on the roof’s surface, we call it standing water. 

In the world of commercial roofing, standing water is a large concern. Its presence can signal drainage issues, potentially leading to more significant problems. Your roofing contractor will closely observe any instances of standing water, addressing drainage concerns promptly to prevent potential damage and maintain the structural integrity of your commercial roof.

#2 Roof Flashing

Now, let’s talk about something crucial, that is often overlooked in the roofing world; flashing. It lays low in the background, quietly preventing water from sneaking through vulnerable gaps in the roof. Though it’s just a small part of your roof, it’s tasked with the important role of keeping water at bay.

During a flat roof inspection, contractors pay close attention to the flashing. They examine it carefully to make sure it’s in good shape, and not broken or cracked.  If they spot any signs of wear and tear on your flashing then they will immediately make you aware so that action can be taken quickly to fix things. 

This way, your roof stays sealed tight around places like vents and chimneys, making sure water doesn’t find a way to drip in. 

#3 Gutters And Downspouts:

Now, let’s journey down to another crucial area – your gutters and downspouts. What most people are not aware of is that gutters are as crucial in a flat roof as they are in a residential setting. 

Contractors should take a close look at your gutters, scanning for any debris that might be blocking the smooth flow of water. Downspouts undergo scrutiny, too, making sure they’re doing their job by directing water away from your building’s foundation. By keeping these components in optimal shape, your roof stays dry, and your property stays resilient against whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

#4 Ventilation:

Every roof should have some form of ventilation. It’s like the lungs of your building, regulating temperature and moisture levels for a comfortable atmosphere so that you and other employees can work at your most efficiently. Contractors will be able to assess and ensure that your ventilation system is working properly. 

Proper ventilation isn’t just about keeping the air inside a building fresh, it also helps extend the life of your roof by maintaining optimal conditions. Plus, it contributes to a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment, making your commercial space a pleasant place to be. 

#5 Detailed Report:

The final thing that a roofing contractor should be able to provide after a commercial roof inspection is a report of the inspection findings. Roofing professionals conclude their inspection by thoroughly examining every aspect of your roof. They ensure that every part, even the smallest areas, are checked carefully.

Moreover, their approach is methodical and well-organized – they meticulously document their findings. Contractors create a detailed report of every observation, which is more than just technical information; it serves as a clear guide to the current condition of your roof.

This report not only assesses the current state of your roof but also serves as a resource for future maintenance. It includes recommendations for any necessary actions, providing a straightforward plan for upkeep of your commercial property. Essentially, this report is a valuable tool for preventing unforeseen roofing issues, presented in a comprehensive format.

Commercial Flat Roof Inspection
Commercial Flat Roof Inspection

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