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How Much Does It Cost To Tarp A Roof In 2024? 

Posted on April 5, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Tarp A Roof In 2024? 

In the United States, the climate varies significantly. There are regions where the weather is pleasant most of the time, and you generally do not have to worry about severe weather conditions. But if you are a homeowner, living in the South-Eastern areas, better known as Mississippi or Louisiana, then you need to be extra careful. 

The Gulf Coast has witnessed numerous storms over the past years, causing extensive damage to properties. If such an event occurs again, protecting your home should be your top priority. Windstorms or strong downpours can bring down even the best roofing systems, leaving you to make repairs or worse, replace the entire system. 

But as you know, both roof replacements and repairs take time, with the former taking up to a week. So how will your home stay protected in the meantime? That’s where roof tarps become a great solution for protecting your home from water damage and further problems. 

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of tarping your roof and how much the service will most likely cost.

What Does Roof Tarping Mean? When Is It Needed?

Suppose a hurricane or another harsh storm hits your area. As you know, strong winds can blow away your shingles and lead to wind-driven debris falling onto your roof, potentially piercing through the material and the underlayment underneath. This can expose your property, to leaks and other issues. 

In these situations, a roof tarp is a type of durable, waterproof sheet that will act as a temporary cover for your damaged roofing system. It’s typically made from strong materials like polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can withstand harsh weather conditions for a limited time. 

If you tarp your roof correctly, you’ll be protecting your home from the likes of rain, wind, and debris until your roofing contractor is able to make repairs or replace your roofing system permanently. Tarps aren’t just great for offering emergency protection, it’s also good practice to use them during the construction process if the forecast for the following days is not the best. 

Roof Tarping Mean

Is Tarping A Roof A Permanent Fix? 

Tarping a roof is not a permanent solution, it’s only designed to protect your home for a short period of time until you can get your roof properly repaired or replaced.

It’s not meant to last forever, and if you continue to put off replacements or repairs the tarp will begin to deteriorate, become loose, or develop leaks, which could lead to additional problems.

How Much Should Roof Tarping Cost On Average?

The average cost to tarp a roof can vary depending on several factors, but generally, it ranges from around $300 to $1,000 for a standard residential roof. However, it’s essential to understand that the cost can fluctuate based on the complexity of the job and the size of your roof.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Roof Tarping Service

Before we delve into the factors that can influence the cost of roof tarping, it’s important to note that these costs can vary depending on your location and the company you hire.

Size of the Roof

The tarp will need to be large enough to cover the damage, which in some cases may be the entire roof.  The larger the space that was damaged, the more likely the cost will increase due to the extra material and labor required. Roofing companies typically base their prices on the square footage of your roof. That means that if you have a bigger roof you will pay more than the average cost we defined above. Similarly, the cost will be much lower if you have a one-story home with a smaller, say 1,000 square-foot roof.

Here is the cost of tarping a roof as per different sizes: 

1,000 Square Feet: $700-$2,000

1,500 Square Feet: $1,200-$3,000

2,000 Square Feet: $1,500-$4,000

Pitch Of The Roof

The steepness of your roof’s pitch can also affect the cost of a tarping service. Roofs with steeper pitches are more challenging to work on and may require additional safety measures, resulting in higher labor costs.


Apart from the pitch and the slope of your roof, another factor that can drive the cost up is if contractors find your roof difficult to access. For example, if your roof has multiple peaks, or obstacles like skylights or chimneys, then tarping it will become a bit more complex, and this will increase the cost of labor, and the overall price. 

The Type of Tarp

The type of tarp used can also impact the cost. Heavy-duty and more durable tarps will generally be more expensive than standard options. 

Additional Services

Some roofing companies may offer additional services, such as debris removal or securing the tarp with sandbags or anchors, which can add to the overall cost.

Emergency Services

If you require emergency roof tarping services due to a sudden storm or damage, you can expect to pay a premium for the urgency and availability of the crew.

Tarping a roof is not a permanent solution; it’s only a temporary fix. A roof tarp is designed to protect your home for a short period until you can get your roof properly repaired or replaced.What’s Next For Your Roof?

emergency roof tarping

What’s Next For Your Roof?

Protecting your home from further damage should be a top priority after a storm, and roof tarping services can provide a temporary solution until you’re able to make permanent repairs. 

At our company, Renova Roofing & Construction, we understand the importance of safeguarding your home, which is why we offer the best emergency roof tarping service on the Gulf Coast. With our team’s experience, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the tarp installed is protecting your home at a reasonable cost. Contact us today at (601) 647-3433 to learn more.