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9 Popular GAF Timberline Shingle Colors Of 2024

Posted on August 18, 2023

9 Popular GAF Timberline Shingle Colors Of 2024

Step into a world of vibrant possibilities with these nine popular GAF Timberline shingle colors of 2024. Your roof isn’t just a protective shield – it’s a canvas for expressing your personality and style. From timeless classics to bold modern hues, these GAF Timberline shingle colors will transform your basic roof into a statement of architectural elegance. Let your imagination soar as we unveil a spectrum of captivating options that redefine the way you see your roof. 

Get ready to transform your home’s curb appeal and elevate its visual interest with this curated palette of trendsetting shingle colors. Discover the perfect harmony between form and function as we delve into the captivating world of GAF Timberline shingle colors for 2024.

Popular GAF Timberline Shingle Colors

Here are some of the top shingle colors that you can consider for your home:

1. Pewter Gray

gaf timberline shingle colors

Experience the epitome of roofing excellence with Pewter Gray, a sophisticated salt and pepper shingle that exudes the timeless elegance of slate. Its neutral gray hue serves as a versatile canvas, inviting you to explore a multitude of color options for the remainder of your home’s exterior. As you further explore Timberline® UHDZ™ shingles, prepare to have your expectations exceeded. 

These shingles redefine roofing standards, merging breathtaking beauty with an array of unparalleled advantages that set them apart from any other GAF product. Just as a ghostwriter matheklausur assists students in crafting meticulous academic texts, ensuring every equation and theorem is flawlessly presented, Timberline® UHDZ™ elevates your home’s aesthetic and functional qualities. With this roofing solution, you’re not just getting a roof; you’re embracing a new era of roofing excellence, where durability meets unmatched elegance..

2. Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood

Continuing our dive into the realm of GAF’s Timberline® HDZ™ line with the captivating look of Weathered Wood. This exquisite grayish-brown shade presents a versatile option that effortlessly complements various architectural styles and blends harmoniously with the natural beauty around it. A perfect equilibrium of cool and warm tones, this neutral color choice promises to elevate your home’s aesthetics. 

energy efficient. These shingles are highly reflective and contribute to cooler attic temperatures, potentially leading to energy savings on air-conditioning costs. It’s important to note that investing in your home’s quality can be akin to investing in education, such as the costs associated with hiring a ghostwriter for bachelor’s thesis work ghostwriter bachelorarbeit kosten , highlighting the importance of choosing professionals in both construction and educational services. Timberline® CS shingles aren’t just about protecting your home; they redefine roofing performance with their ability to create a comfortable and energy-efficient living space.

3. Charcoal


Picture the elegance of Charcoal, a timeless and deep gray that effortlessly pairs with diverse house styles and siding palettes. This classic shade isn’t just any color, it’s a favorite among upscale homes and neighborhoods, offering a tasteful and versatile choice that enhances any architectural look.

Now, let’s venture into the Timberline HDZ® RS line of shingles, a true game-changer in cool roofing. These shingles bring you a step closer to an energy-efficient, and cooler living environment, proving that roofing systems aren’t just about style, they’re about embracing innovation for a better home.

4. Hickory


The captivating shade of Hickory provides a modern twist to your roof. Its dark brown hue with a hint of red effortlessly complements light-colored siding and trim. 

Check out the Timberline® AS II line of shingles for roofing innovation at its finest. These shingles offer Class 4 impact resistance, safeguarding against hail, wind, and other debris. With these shingles, you’ll get long-lasting protection while maintaining their classic look.

5. Stone Gray Plus

Introducing Stone Gray Plus, a GAF Timberline HDZ Reflector Series Plus shingle color. A fusion of dark and lighter grays, these high-definition shingles offer both style and functionality. They not only enhance your roof’s appearance but also reflect heat, keeping your home cool in summer.

These shingles are not only a durable option, but they also reflect the company’s commitment to green living. These shingles meet the Green Building Standards Code of Los Angeles County, aligning your roof with sustainability and eco-friendly ideals. 

6. Barkwood


Experience the look that homeowners adore, now coupled with the innovative LayerLock® Technology, accompanied by the added assurance of GAF’s  StainGuard Plus™ Algae Protection limited warranty. 

Among the array of captivating options, Barkwood stands as a testament to timeless beauty. Encompassing a fusion of rich brown and gray tones, this shade evokes a deep, earthy ambiance that exudes character. Its dimensional allure brings a touch of elegance to any home’s exterior, seamlessly harmonizing with accents of gray, white, and gold.

Be it crafting a Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere with charming brick detailing, or celebrating the allure of natural wood, Barkwood offers a versatile canvas to fulfill your architectural vision.

7. Shakewood


Take a look at the color Shakewood, where timeless traditional style meets a classic brown hue that seamlessly complements a spectrum of siding colors. This shingle color range offers a medley of understated neutrals, like light brown, tan, taupe, and beige, blended together to create a tranquil and balanced roofing exterior.

Introducing the Timberline® NS shingles: a harmonious blend of style and practicality that won’t break the bank. These shingles strike the perfect chord between affordability and performance, boasting a natural shadow effect that adds depth to your roof’s appearance. Elevate your home’s charm without compromising on quality, because sometimes, the most stylish choices are also the smartest ones.

8. Biscayne Blue

Biscayne Blue

GAF’s Biscayne Blue shingle color brings a timeless and enchanting deep blue shade to the forefront, infusing an air of sophistication into both residential and commercial ventures. An embodiment of elegance, this shade elevates exteriors with its rich hue. As a sought-after selection within the GAF Timberline® HDZ Collection, Biscayne Blue goes beyond aesthetics, offering enhanced protection against weather and aging. 

Say goodbye to worries of fading and discoloration, as these shingles will preserve the allure of your property for years to come. Choose Biscayne Blue, not just for its remarkable visual impact, but also for the enduring shield it places between your home and the elements.

9. Hunter Green

 Hunter Green 

In the world of colors, green symbolizes renewal and a harmonious connection with nature. Its essence exudes sustainability, finding its way into diverse applications, including roofing and siding.

The allure of Hunter Green shingles lies in their rich, deep hue that complements a range of settings. This shade mirrors the lush, dark foliage of summer leaves, lending a dynamic and vibrant touch to your home’s exterior.

Hunter Green shingles form a splendid partnership with lighter colors, such as white or gray. If you’re seeking to infuse fresh radiance into your home’s outward appearance, consider the captivating interplay of Hunter Green shingles alongside white siding, trim, and shutters. The result? A harmonious composition that breathes life into your home’s curb appeal.

Choosing The Right GAF Timberline Shingle Color For Your Home

Selecting the perfect GAF Timberline shingle color for your home involves taking into account your region’s unique climate and architectural surroundings. Here’s your tailored guide:

1. Climate Considerations: Given the warm and humid climate in Southern states, opt for lighter shingle colors like Weathered Wood, Shakewood, or Pewter Gray. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, keeping your home cooler and reducing energy costs.

2. Harmony with Nature: Blend your shingle color with the lush landscapes by utilizing earthy tones such as Barkwood or Hickory that complement the natural beauty of the region and create a harmonious look.

3. Southern Charm: Capture the charm of Southern homes by selecting timeless hues like Charcoal. These classic colors resonate with the traditional architecture often found in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

4. Exterior Coordination: Match your shingle color with your home’s siding, brickwork, and accents. A cohesive color scheme enhances your home’s overall appeal and creates a visually pleasing effect.

5. Local Inspiration: Draw inspiration from the local architecture and historic neighborhoods. Look around for examples of shingle colors that complement the regional aesthetic.

6. Professional Input: At Renova Roofing & Construction, we proudly serve Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. For expert guidance tailored to the specific challenges and preferences of these states, seek our professional input. Our roofing experts are well-versed in the nuances of each region, ensuring the best choices for your project. With Renova Roofing & Construction, you’re not just getting a roof, you’re gaining the advantage of informed decisions and a solution built to excel in your unique location.

7. Testing and Samples: Obtain physical shingle samples and observe how they interact with the intense Southern sunlight. Test their appearance against your home’s exterior to ensure a harmonious match.

8. GAF’s Expertise: Utilize GAF’s wealth of information on each shingle color’s features and benefits. Their guidance can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Choosing the perfect GAF Timberline shingle color for your home in Mississippi, Alabama, or Louisiana, including the unique climate and aesthetics of the region, requires a blend of regional considerations and personal style. By considering some of these factors, such as the intense sun exposure and humidity that come with asphalt shingle roofing in these Gulf Coast States, you’ll create a roofing solution that not only enhances your home’s beauty but also embraces the spirit of the South.


These nine popular GAF Timberline shingle colors of 2024 offer a curated selection that couples aesthetics with durability, presenting an array of choices that ensure lasting beauty and protection for your home. With a top roofing contractor in Mississippi like Renova Roofing & Construction, you can transform your roofing vision into a reality. Contact us today at (601) 647-3433 to schedule a free consultation. Your dream roof awaits with these remarkable shingle colors, each representing a statement of sophistication and quality.