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5 Metal Roofing Trends In Jackson, MS

Posted on December 29, 2023

5 Metal Roofing Trends In Jackson, MS

As you drive through Jackson, Mississippi, you will see how beautiful the properties have become. Today, homeowners understand the vital role their roofs play in combining functionality with aesthetics – especially when it comes to metal roofs.

With each passing year, the roofing industry is not just scaling new heights but also embracing innovative trends that reflect homeowners’ evolving preferences and environmental concerns. Looking at roofing industry trends of 2024, it’s clear that metal roofing systems are becoming a popular choice among homeowners. And right here in Jackson, we’re seeing more and more homeowners who are now interested in installing metal roofs that combine a traditional look with the latest trends. 

Today, we will dive into what’s hot in metal roofing trends. In this blog post, we will go over the top five trends that have captured the hearts of Jackson homeowners.

5 Metal Roof Trends To Look For

If you’ve been considering upgrading your home with a metal roof, here are some trends to help guide your decision. 

#1 The Use of Sustainable Roofing Materials

There is no doubt that there is a spotlight on sustainable practices in industries across the globe. This awareness is manifesting loudly in the construction and home improvement industry, too, particularly in metal roofing solutions.

Increased Emphasis on Eco-Friendly Materials

From residential roofs to new commercial constructions, there’s a surging demand for materials that are in sync with environmental consciousness without sacrificing strength or style.

Recycled Content: 

A significant trend is the utilization of recycled metals, which offer a lower carbon footprint compared to newly produced materials. Several metal roofing manufacturers are using recycled materials for their projects, and metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespans. 

Energy Efficiency: 

Metal roofs now often include cool roof technology. This enables them to reflect solar heat rather than absorb it. This will reduce energy costs and contribute to overall temperature control both indoors and outdoors.

As both regulatory requirements and homeowners’ preferences evolve to prioritize eco-friendliness, the roofing materials that are on trend are also shifting.

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#2 Modern and Sleek Roof Designs

In Jackson, MS, a growing number of homeowners are turning their eyes toward new metal roof designs. We know that you’re not just looking for durability, aesthetics play a massive role, too. Among these emerging preferences is a modern and sleek roof design that is part of the broader architectural trend toward minimalism.

Sleek Lines and Minimalistic Aesthetics

It’s no surprise that the clean, understated look of modern design has made its way onto rooftops across Mississippi. With a special focus on contemporary elegance, metal roofs are being made with sleek lines that follow a cleaner, minimalist approach. 

Here’s an example: imagine metal roof panels that have seamless surfaces and crisp edges. This helps to create a cohesive look for your home that will complement any type of siding and landscaping. 

This has also given rise to the popularity of standing seam metal roofs, which offer: 

  • Sleek Profiles: The continuity offered by standing seam metal roofs exemplifies this trend. These roofs boast raised seams where panels meet, delivering a smooth, linear appearance.
  • Color Selection: Homeowners tend to select neutral color options, like grays or matte blacks, which lend themselves beautifully to contemporary architecture.
  • Finishes: It’s not just about color, finishes come into play, too. For example, a matte finish can give a muted effect while still providing cutting-edge solar reflectivity.

These innovations in the roofing industry ensure that your metal roof not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is able to offer great resilience against Mississippi’s harsh weather conditions.

#3 Colors and Finishes

This trend related to metal roofs is a continuation of what we talked about in the previous section. Apart from sleek designs, homeowners are now open to more metal roof color choices and finishes. Let’s take a look at them:  

Popular Color Choices for Metal Roofs

Metal roofing panels have come a long way from the traditional silvery gray. Today’s market offers you a wide range of roofing colors that can suit any style or preference. Here are some of the most sought-after metal roof colors for homes:

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Forest Green
  • Tan or Brown
  • Red/Burgundy
  • Slate Blue

Each color not only contributes aesthetically but also impacts how your home interacts with light and heat—an essential consideration in Jackson’s varied climate. 

Emerging Trends in Metallic Finishes and Textures

Beyond solid colors, there’s rising interest in combining hues with distinctive finishes and textures:

  • Matte Finishes: The soft, non-reflective matte finish imparts modernity while diminishing glare—a perfect match for modern architectural homes.
  • Textured Patterns: Options like stamped shingles mimic traditional materials, like wood shake or stone, offering both visual depth and tactile allure.
  • Variegated Tones: These finishes present slight color variations within individual panels, creating dynamic visuals, especially when viewed from different angles or under varying lighting conditions.

Additionally, new pigmented roof coatings offer more vivid colors and greater resistance against fading from prolonged sun exposure, which is especially helpful for Mississippi’s summers.

The colorful skies we see everyday also affect how panels are designed. For example, your roof will look differently depending on the time of day, whether it’s sunrise, mid-afternoon, or dusk. 

The diversity of available metal roof colors for homes combined with these emerging finish trends gives homeowners in Jackson the option to stand out or blend in—it’s entirely up to you! Whether you lean toward boldness or subtlety for your metal roof, one thing remains clear: versatility is on your side.

#4 Innovative Metal Roofing Technologies 

The roofing industry is continuously evolving, and 2024 is no exception. As homeowners in Jackson, MS seek out the best metal roof options for their homes, staying updated with the latest roofing industry trends becomes essential. Among these changes are innovations in technologies and materials used for metal roofs. 

One of the most significant advancements in metal roofing is the development of advanced coating technologies. This isn’t just about keeping your roof looking brand new, it’s rooted in fortifying your home against the elements. 

Imagine a shield that not only reflects the harsh Mississippi sun away from your home but also resists rusting, no matter the amount of rain or humidity.

  • Cool Roof Technology: Coatings now come with high solar reflectance properties that reject ultraviolet and infrared sun rays, reducing heat transfer into your attic and reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • Advanced Polymer Coatings: These enhance the longevity of your roof by offering better protection against scratches and scuffs while retaining vibrant colors even under constant strain from Mother Nature.

Innovative Manufacturing Processes and Materials

Stepping beyond mere material composition:

  • Other innovations in the metal roofing industry include pre-painted metal, which ensures durability and color retention while avoiding post-installation treatments that often involve harsh chemicals that are environmentally hazardous.
  • Additionally, production advancements enable stronger metals, allowing for lighter yet more resilient sheets.

Thanks to advancements in innovation and a strong focus on reducing ecological impact from the initial design stages to disposal, metal roofs have become staples in sustainable building practices.

#5 New Metal Roof Materials

Not to be overshadowed by coatings alone, there’s quite a buzz around new materials being used in the composition of metal roofs. 

The aim here is to improve durability without adding unnecessary weight – a crucial balance for a roofing system. Here are some game changing material trends:

  • High-Tensile Steel: This newer option of steel shows off remarkable strength at comparatively lesser gauges, which means lighter roofs without compromising on resistance to dents or damage.
  • Aluminum Alloys: Offering natural rust-resistance, these alloys bring forth longevity alongside malleability, which allows for unique designs without corrosion over time.

By weaving together durability and lightweight options, these innovative materials enable creative freedom while assuring structural integrity—the perfect combination for homeowners seeking both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Noise Reduction Innovations

One common critique of traditional metal roofing panels is the noise level during rainstorms or hail. However, 2024 marks the era where this is no longer a concern. Modern insulation techniques now incorporate materials that dull sound transmission, turning what was once a drum-like annoyance into a soothing ambiance.

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Embrace the Latest Trends in Metal Roofing with Renova Roofing & Construction

As we’ve explored throughout this article, being aware of the latest roofing trends can not only help you in making an informed decision, but also in getting a long lasting roof at a better price. By paying attention to modern trends within the roofing industry, you can choose a roof that will benefit your home or business for years to come.

At Renova Roofing & Construction, we take pride in offering the best metal roofing services in Jackson, Gulf Coast, and the surrounding areas of Mississippi. We have been working in the area for years, and we install metal roofs made by the best manufacturers in the industry. 

If you’re interested in installing a new metal roof on your home or business, don’t wait! Contact us today at (601) 647-3433 to learn more.