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How To Choose The Best Contractor For Your New Roof Installation In Madison, MS

Posted on January 29, 2024

How To Choose The Best Contractor For Your New Roof Installation In Madison, MS

Are you dreaming of a new, durable roof that not only protects your home but enhances its curb appeal in Madison, MS? The first step is to find the right roofing company for the project. Because roofing is a complex job that involves not only your time but heavy finances, it’s important to find a trustworthy roofing company. 

With the right contractor, your vision can turn into reality. But with a plethora of options, finding the ideal one can be daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this guide, we’ll give you expert tips to seamlessly navigate the maze of roofing contractors and secure the perfect match for your roof installation in Madison, MS. 

Things To Look For In A Roofing Company Before You Hire Them: 

You shouldn’t hire the first roofing company you find, and it’s important to do thorough research on each option before making your decision. 

1. Licenses and Experience

First and foremost, ensure the roofing contractor holds all necessary licenses and certifications required to undertake roofing projects. Services such as a new roof installation require starting the construction from scratch, which requires knowledge and experience. This is why roofers are required to get a license from state authorities. A reputable contractor will readily provide this information. 

Moreover, evaluate their experience in the industry. Look for contractors with a proven track record of successful roof installations so that you are sure they know what they are doing.

2. Seek Recommendations and Check Reviews

Is there any friend or a family member who has recently hired a company for roof repairs or a new installation? If yes, it’s a good idea to ask them about the contractor they worked with. Word of mouth referrals often reflect a contractor’s reliability and the quality of their work.

Another way to judge the credibility of a roofing company is to check its reviews. Explore online reviews and testimonials on reputable platforms like Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and Angi. This provides insights into the experiences of previous clients and the contractor’s reputation.

3. Assess Insurance Coverage and Warranties

A reliable contractor should have adequate workers and liability insurance coverage. Request proof of insurance and understand the extent of coverage. Equally important are warranties on both the roofing materials and the installation work. Ensure these details are clear and documented in your contract.

4. In-Person Consultation and Detailed Estimates

Schedule consultations with a few selected contractors. During these meetings, discuss your requirements, preferences, and ask relevant questions. A professional contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and provide a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work and associated costs. Remember to be wary of vague or overly optimistic estimates.

5. Material Quality and Options

Understanding the materials proposed for your new roof is crucial. A reputable contractor should offer a variety of quality materials, explaining the pros and cons of each. Ensure they use high-grade materials that align with your budget and desired longevity for your new roof. 

6. Communication and Project Timeline

Effective communication is key to a successful roofing project. Evaluate the contractor’s responsiveness and willingness to address your questions. Moreover, discuss the expected timeline for the project, including start and completion dates. A reliable contractor should provide a realistic timeline and adhere to it.

7. Commitment to Clean-Up and Safety Standards

A professional contractor prioritizes safety protocols for their crew and your property. Inquire about their safety measures during the installation process. Additionally, ensure they commit to a thorough clean-up post-installation to leave your property spotless.

Contractor Installing New Roof Shingle
Contractor Installing New Roof Shingle

Renova Roofing & Construction: Your Solution For New Roof Installation Services In Madison, MS

At Renova Roofing & Construction, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. With decades of experience serving the Madison community, our licensed and certified team strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Here’s what sets us apart from other roofers in Mississippi:

Proven Track Record:

Our roofing company offers reputable roofing services not only in Mississippi but also in Alabama and Louisiana. We have more than 100 years of combined roofing experience, which is unmatched. Along with this, we have a tremendous reputation in the area and have performed hundreds of new roof installations over the years. 

Other than new roof installations, we also offer other roofing services, such as roof replacement, roofing repairs, and free roofing inspections

Our other services include:

  • Premium roof installation 
  • Commercial roof installation and repair
  • Gutter replacement and repair

Certifications and Warranties: 

Certifications hold an important place in our roofing company, and we are GAF Master Elite® Roofing Contractors. Our roofers constantly train and stay up to date with the latest roofing trends. 

Transparent Communication: 

A new roof installation is a long-term project, and you want all your priorities to be taken care of. At Renova, we prioritize transparent communication throughout your roofing installation project. From our initial consultation to the final touches, we ensure that you are kept informed at every stage so that you have peace of mind. 

High-Quality Materials:

For your roof to stand the test of time, it is essential that you choose quality roofing materials. We offer asphalt shingle, tile, and metal roof installation services in Madison, MS. 

Our roofers are also adept at installing premium quality roofing materials. From appealing cedar shingles to durable slate roofing systems, we can enhance your roof.

Seamless Experience

Yes roofing is a complex process, but we try our best to make it hassle-free. That’s why we’ve streamlined our process to offer free estimates and financing options for all our clients. Simply get in touch with our team and we will schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you. 

Asphalt Shingle and Metal Roof
Asphalt Shingle and Metal Roof


Choosing the right contractor for your new roof installation is crucial. At Renova Roofing & Construction, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for your roof installation in Madison, MS.

Contact us today at (601) 647-3433 to schedule a consultation, and trust our team with your roofing project!