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Protecting Your Investment: What Voids A Roof Warranty & What Doesn’t

Posted on May 3, 2024

Protecting Your Investment: What Voids A Roof Warranty & What Doesn’t

Your roof is one of the most crucial components of your home as it protects you from the outside weather and keeps your family safe. And to protect the roof itself, you have roof warranties.

A solid roof warranty will give you peace of mind, as it gives you confidence that your investment is protected from defects. However, certain actions can inadvertently void your roof warranty, leaving you financially responsible for any repairs or replacements. Learning about what voids a warranty can help you stay on top of roof care and maintenance. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore what is included and what is not in a standard roof warranty and what steps you can take to maintain its validity.

What to Know About Your Roof Warranties

A roof warranty is a guarantee provided by the manufacturer or the roofing contractor that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period. There are two main types of roof warranties:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: This warranty covers defects in the roofing materials, such as shingles, underlayment, and flashing. The duration of this warranty varies among manufacturers, but it typically ranges from 20 to 50 years for asphalt shingles.
  • Contractor’s Warranty: This warranty covers the workmanship involved in installing the roof. Reputable roofing contractors usually offer a warranty ranging from two to 10 years, depending on the scope of the project and the materials used.

We have covered roof warranties in detail in our homeowner’s guide to roof warranties

Understanding the terms and conditions of your roof warranty, which outlines the specific coverage and exclusions, is essential.

Roof Warranties

Actions That Can Void a Roofing Warranty

Now, let’s come to the core of our blog post. Though a roof warranty is essential, it can not help you every time. Several things void your roof warranty. Not being aware can leave you unprotected and financially responsible when the time comes for future repairs or replacements. Here are some common scenarios that can nullify your warranty:

Improper Installation or Repairs by an Unlicensed Contractor: 

The primary reason why most homeowners find that their manufacturer’s warranty is void is because of improper installation. This occurs when you hire a roofing company that doesn’t have the required expertise and license. 

Most roof warranties require that the installation or repairs be performed by a licensed and certified roofing contractor. Hiring an unqualified contractor can void your warranty, as they may not follow the correct procedure laid down by the manufacturer or industry best practices. Since the roof was not installed as per those guidelines, the manufacturer will not back their materials with a warranty. This will force you to pay for the replacement yourself in the case of a premature failure. 

Failure to Follow Manufacturer’s Installation Guidelines: 

Even when you hire a licensed installer, your warranty can still be void if the roofer does not follow the manufacturer’s requirements. 

Leading manufacturers back their products with effective warranties. Some top manufacturers give more than a 30-year warranty on their shingles. However, the warranty is only valid if the product is installed according to proper guidelines. Manufacturers provide specific instructions for the installation of their products. Deviating from these guidelines, such as improper nailing patterns, inadequate ventilation, or incorrect flashing details, can void the warranty.

Use of Non-Approved Roofing Materials or Accessories: 

Manufacturers typically approve and warrant their products when used in conjunction with specific compatible materials and accessories. Using non-approved materials, such as incompatible underlayment or flashing, can void the warranty.

Mixing Multiple Brands of Roofing Materials:

Most warranties prohibit the use of roofing materials from different manufacturers on the same roof. Mixing shingles, underlayment, or other components from various brands can void the warranty.

Lack Of Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Roof warranties often require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure the longevity of the roofing system. Neglecting these tasks can lead to premature deterioration and potentially void the warranty.

Also if you decide to clean your roof, you should make sure that you don’t use aggressive cleaning methods, such as pressure washing. This can damage the roofing materials and void the warranty. Manufacturers typically recommend gentler cleaning techniques to avoid compromising the roof’s integrity.

Unauthorized Modifications or DIY Roofing 

Making unauthorized changes or additions to the roof, such as installing solar panels, skylights, or other structures, can void the warranty if not done correctly or without the manufacturer’s approval.

This may include adding or removing components, cutting into the roofing materials, or making any other changes that could compromise the integrity of the roof. This is why DIY roofing is not advisable. 

Natural Disasters or Acts of God:

Some warranties may exclude coverage for damage caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, or hail storms. It’s essential to review the warranty terms to understand what is covered and what is excluded.

Follow These Tips To Maintain Your Roof Warranty 

To ensure that your roof warranty remains valid, it’s crucial to follow these best practices:

Hire a Licensed and Certified Roofing Contractor: 

Work with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor who is licensed, insured, and certified by the manufacturer. This ensures that the installation or repairs are performed according to industry standards and warranty requirements.

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Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance: 

Schedule regular roof inspections and perform recommended maintenance tasks, such as cleaning gutters, removing debris, and addressing any potential issues when they occur. 

Address Any Issues or Repairs Needed:

If you notice any damage or issues with your roof, promptly contact a licensed roofing contractor to assess and address the problem. Delaying repairs can lead to further damage and potentially void the warranty.

Keep Records of Repairs and Maintenance: 

Maintain detailed records of any repairs, maintenance, or modifications performed on your roof. These records can serve as proof of compliance with the warranty terms if needed.

Maintain Your Roof Warranty 

The Importance of Reading and Understanding the Warranty

Before making any decisions regarding your roof, it’s crucial to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of your roof warranty. Here are some tips to help you navigate the warranty:

  • Review the Warranty Terms and Conditions: Carefully read through the entire warranty document, paying close attention to the coverage, exclusions, and any specific requirements or restrictions.

  • Ask Questions and Clarify Any Unclear Points: If you encounter any confusing or unclear language in the warranty, don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer or your roofing contractor for clarification.

  • Keep the Warranty Document in a Safe Place: Store the warranty document in a secure location, such as a fireproof safe or with other important household documents, for easy reference if needed.

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We hope that you are now more aware of what you should and should not do regarding warranties and keeping your roofing system durable. 

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