Clay Tile Roofing: Beauty and Durability for Your Home

For centuries, clay tiles have adorned roofs across Alabama, providing both beauty and durability. Originally introduced for fireproofing, these tiles have stood the test of time with their impressive lifespan of over 100 years. Not only are they easy to maintain and have low thermal conductivity, but they also add significant resale value to your home, making them a smart investment.

While the initial cost of clay tile roofing may be higher compared to materials like asphalt shingles, the long-term benefits outweigh the expense. With proper installation, including quality flashing and underlayment, clay tile roofs can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required. You'll also appreciate their durability and timeless aesthetic during severe weather events.

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Clay tile roofs excel in energy efficiency, thanks to a combination of factors that work together to regulate your home's temperature. Adequate airflow between the tiles and roof deck allows air to circulate, preventing heat from getting trapped in your attic. The high thermal mass of clay tiles enables them to absorb heat during the day and release it slowly at night.

They also have a high thermal emittance, which facilitates quick heat release, making them perfect for hot summer days. Additionally, their high solar reflectance prevents excessive heat absorption in the first place. As an added bonus, clay tiles are environmentally friendly, as they are made from natural materials without any harmful chemicals.

Embrace the beauty, durability, and energy efficiency of clay tile roofing for your home. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and let our experts guide you in making the best choice for your roof.


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Comprehensive Clay Tile Roofing Services In Alabama

Embrace the durability, aesthetic appeal, and long lifespan of clay tile roofs with Renova Roofing & Construction. We offer a wide range of clay tile roof services to ensure your roof remains in excellent condition for years to come.

  • Repair: If your clay tile roof has experienced specific issues or damage, our expert team is here to help. We can replace individual tiles that have been cracked or broken due to impacts or age.
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep and inspections are crucial to keeping your clay tile roof in top shape. Our maintenance services include thorough cleaning to remove debris and checking for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Replacement: When it's time to replace your clay tile roof, trust our experienced team to handle the job. Whether your roof is severely damaged, has reached the end of its lifespan, or is no longer functioning properly, we will remove the existing roof and replace it with a new one.

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