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Top 7 Commercial Roof Coatings and When To Use Them

Posted on October 20, 2023

Top 7 Commercial Roof Coatings and When To Use Them

Are you tired of dealing with constant leaks and wear and tear on your commercial roof? Well, you’re not alone. Many business owners face the same problem, but the good news is there’s a solution. Commercial roof coatings have emerged as a cost-effective and durable way to protect your roofing investment. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top seven commercial roof coatings and guide you on when to use them. Say goodbye to those pesky leaks and hello to a longer-lasting, hassle-free roof. Let’s get started!

Top 7 Commercial Roof Coatings

There are many types of commercial roof coatings out there on the market. However, building owners should always take into account the roofing material they have on their roof, their local weather, and their budget before making a decision. 

Below, we’ve outlined the types of roof coatings available, along with their pros and cons, so you can get an idea of which coating you need for your building. 

#1 Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric roof coatings are a popular choice for many commercial building owners looking to protect and extend the life of their roofs. These coatings are made from a flexible, elastic material that can expand and contract with the roof’s movements, making them an excellent choice for areas with extreme weather conditions. For instance, Henry® 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite™ stands out as a premium elastomeric coating option. With its high solids content, excellent hiding power, and exceptional solar reflectance properties, it provides a robust protective layer for your roof. This reflective roof coating not only offers superior weather resistance but also helps maintain a cooler indoor environment, making it an energy-efficient choice for commercial buildings.

Henry® 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite™
Henry® 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite™


  • Exceptional Flexibility: Elastomeric coatings can stretch and contract, accommodating the movement of the roof without cracking or peeling.
  • Energy Efficiency: They offer reflective properties, reducing heat absorption and helping to maintain a cooler indoor environment.
  • Weather Resistance: Elastomeric coatings are durable and can withstand UV rays, rain, and hail, providing long-lasting protection.


  • Cost: These coatings can be relatively more expensive than some other options.
  • Professional Application: To ensure effectiveness, elastomeric coatings often require professional installation.

#2 Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings are known for their water-resistant properties, making them an excellent choice for areas prone to heavy rainfall. They provide a seamless, waterproof membrane that protects the underlying roof structure. If you’re looking for the best silicone coating product, you can opt for the Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Coating by Henry. It’s a one-component, solvent-free silicone rubber coating system. This coating is suitable for various roofing materials like asphalt, single-ply membranes, acrylic coatings, and more. It’s built to withstand the elements and provides long-lasting protection against weather, UV rays, and extreme temperatures.

Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Coating by Henry
Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Coating by Henry


  • Water Resistance: Silicone coatings are highly effective at preventing water infiltration.
  • Durability: They have a long lifespan and resist degradation from UV rays and other environmental factors.
  • Low Maintenance: Once applied, they require minimal maintenance.


  • Limited Breathability: Silicone coatings do not allow the roof to breathe, potentially trapping moisture.
  • Cost: The initial cost can be higher than some other options.

#3 Metal Roof Coatings

For buildings with metal roofs, metal roof coatings are a practical solution. They offer protection against rust and corrosion and can help reduce energy costs by reflecting heat. If you’re looking for metal roof coating options, consider ArmorGarage Metal Roof Coating. With its roof leak-free design, self-plasticizing epoxy, and exceptional durability, it’s an ideal choice for extending the life of your metal roof. Plus, it can withstand significant expansion, making it a reliable solution for your roofing needs. 

Metal Roof Coatings
ArmorGarage Metal Roof Coating


  • Rust Prevention: These coatings act as a barrier against rust and corrosion.
  • Reflectivity: They reflect sunlight, reducing the heat absorbed by the roof.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reflecting sunlight these coatings provide you with a cool roof that translates to energy savings.


  • Surface Preparation: Proper preparation of the metal roof is crucial for adhesion.
  • Application Complexity: Achieving a seamless finish can be challenging, requiring expertise.

#4 Acrylic Roof Coatings:

Acrylic roof coatings are another option for those seeking cost-effective protection for their commercial roofs. They are easy to apply and provide an additional layer of defense against the elements.


  • Ease of Application: Acrylic coatings can often be applied without professional assistance.
  • Reflectivity: They help reduce heat absorption and energy costs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various roofing materials.


  • Lifespan: Acrylic coatings may need more frequent reapplication than other options.
  • Vulnerability to Ponding Water: Standing water can degrade the coating over time.

#5 Asphalt Roof Coatings:

Asphalt roof coatings are designed for asphalt-based roofing materials, such as built-up roofing (BUR) systems. These coatings provide a protective layer that helps extend the lifespan of the roof.


  • Water Resistance: They create a waterproof barrier.
  • UV Resistance: Asphalt coatings offer UV protection for the roof.
  • Durability: These coatings can withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Odor: The application process can release unpleasant odors.
  • Environmental Impact: Some asphalt coatings contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

#6 Polyurethane Roof Coatings

Polyurethane roof coatings are prized for their robust and long-lasting protection. They form a seamless, durable layer over the roof, preventing leaks and other damage.


  • Durability: Polyurethane coatings can last for many years.
  • Waterproofing: They provide exceptional waterproofing capabilities.
  • Strength: These coatings can resist impact and damage.


  • Professional Application: Expertise is often needed for proper installation.
  • Cost: The initial cost can be relatively high.

#7 Rubber Roof Coatings:

Rubber roof coatings are a go-to option for buildings with rubber or EPDM roofing materials. They offer excellent protection and extend the life of these roofs.


  • Compatibility: Rubber coatings are specifically designed for rubber roofs.
  • Weather Resistance: They can handle the elements, from UV rays to heavy rain.
  • Elasticity: Rubber coatings can stretch and contract with the roof, maintaining their integrity.


  • Application Skill: To ensure proper adhesion, skill in application is necessary.
  • Limited Aesthetic Options: Rubber coatings may not offer as many color choices as other coatings.

The choice of a commercial roof coating should align with your building’s specific needs and your budget. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and professional assessment is often crucial to determining the best fit for your commercial roofing project. Ultimately, a well-selected roof coating can provide long-lasting protection and potentially save you money on maintenance and energy costs over time.

When Is The Best Time To Use Commercial Roof Coatings?

Knowing when to use commercial roof coatings is essential for maximizing the lifespan of your roof and protecting your building from potential damage. Here are key situations and times when you should consider using commercial roof coatings:

1. New Roof Installation: If you’re installing a new commercial roof, applying a roof coating from the outset can provide an extra layer of protection, potentially extending the roof’s lifespan.

2. Existing Roof Maintenance: Roof coatings can be used as part of routine maintenance to enhance the durability and weather resistance of an aging roof. This proactive approach can prevent more extensive damage.

3. Roof Repairs: After making repairs to your roof, adding a coating can seal any potential weak points and provide an additional barrier against leaks.

4. Weatherproofing: If your building is located in an area with extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, intense sunlight, or frequent temperature fluctuations, a roof coating can offer added protection.

5. Energy Efficiency Improvement: Roof coatings with reflective properties can help reduce heat absorption, leading to lower energy costs. Consider applying coatings when aiming to improve your building’s energy efficiency.

6. Waterproofing: If your roof is prone to ponding water, coatings can create a seamless, waterproof membrane, preventing leaks and water damage.

7. Restoration: When your roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, roof coatings can be used as part of a restoration process to add years of service life, potentially delaying the need for an expensive roof replacement.

8. Environmental Benefits: Some roof coatings are designed to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Consider them if you want to make your building more eco-friendly.

9. Compliance with Roof Warranty: Roof coatings may be required to maintain the warranty of your roofing material. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s guidelines.

10. As a Preventive Measure: Applying roof coatings before significant issues arise can save you money on repairs and prolong the life of your roof.

Remember that the choice of the specific type of roof coating should be based on your roof’s material, the local climate, and your long-term goals. It’s often advised to consult with a roofing professional who can assess your roof’s condition and recommend the most suitable coating for your needs. Using commercial roof coatings strategically can provide significant benefits in terms of durability, energy efficiency, and overall building protection.


Utilizing a roof coating is a smart decision to protect the integrity and longevity of your commercial roof. If you are looking for a professional roof coating application, or other commercial roofing services in Mississippi, Alabama, or Louisiana, look no further than our team at Renova Roofing & Construction.  Whether it’s roof repairs, maintenance, or installation, our expert team is just a call away at (601) 647-3433. Give us a call today to discuss your commercial roofing needs with one of our experts.